The current environmental development and trend have clearly indicated a strong demand for research and development in environment and green technology. The Centre for Environment and Green Technology (CEGT) was established with a main objective to tap the vast opportunities in environment and green technology and to develop a strong local expertise to meet the challenges and demand in the years ahead. The main focus of the R&D in CEGT is to spearhead multi-disciplinary research and development in green technology involving concerted effort and collaboration across disciplines and faculties in UTAR. 

To become a national hub in Malaysia for sustainability in social responsibility and economic solutions.
To integrate cross-disciplinary research that are required to provide sustainable production and industries solutions. To promote sustainable communities with cross-disciplinary research to formulate the environmental concept.

To identify the research activities that enable circular economy and sustainable development. To initiate the research collaborations with industries and universities.
To disseminate knowledge about ecological systems, green technology and sustainable development.

Targeted Impact:
National/International recognition as an active centre that can enhance circular economy and sustainable development. Local research hub providing environment and green technology solutions to industry and community.
Contribution to community through knowledge transfer programme and community outreach projects.

Targeted Output:
Form national and international research teams yearly and secure more international research funding.
Partner with ICP, MoU partners, local research institutions and industries that can participate in yearly organising research related activities. Integration among the research thrust areas in the centre to achieve the 3 research goals.

To facilitate research activities in CEGT, four (4) thrust areas have been set up as follows:

Thrust Areas (Leaders)

1. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (Dr. Lim Chong Hooi) 
2. Green Building and Green Materials (Dr. Muhammad Hasnolhadi Bin Samsudin) 
3. Environmental Technology (Dr. Ong Yit Thai) 
4. Bioprocessing (Dr. Leong Siew Yoong)

While many of these research activities are facilitated under CEGT, some of them can be coordinated with other research centres to become multi-disciplinary research tapping on the expertise of researchers of different disciplines and faculties in UTAR.